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​1 night 2 days【2 meals included】


 ・HANARE:A seaside Japanese-style holiday house,        

       exclusively for 1 group per day.



     More details about the rooms


    Mainly teated using sera beef, Shinmei Chicken, and local

     fresh vegetables.

     (Ingredients are subject to change due to seasonality and

      product availability.

【Dinner】Stewed beef、Chicken’s nabe(Japanese hot pot)、

                  Sole meunière recipe・・・
【Breakfast】French toast、rice mixed with bamboo sprouts、

                     Himono(grilled dried fish)・・・

★For guests staying for consecutive nights 

A different menu will be served for the first through the third night.

The menu will return to that of the 1st night from the 4th night.

Thank you for understanding. 

★Relax your mind and rejuvenate your body in sauna

A well-designed HUUM stove from Estonia is installed here.You are able to「Löyly」by yourselves and enjoy the mild and long-lasting steam.The authentic Nordic sauna at a low-temperature (about 65°C) ,which differs from a closed and high-temperature sauna, will bring you an unforgettable experience.You can enjoy a healthy and spiritual balance along with the environment here.After taking a shower,repeat hot sauna,and cold plunge until the body is completely relaxed.「meri Kosai-jima」 is for mix gender use with swimsuits.

※Rental products are available.

 Reservation for sauna

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