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Private Cruise

*Currently not accepting 

Cruising the Seto Inland Sea

Welcome to a short cruise with your family or friends, you can feel as if you have become a part of the breeze.


​About boat


Boat license number /Hiroshima prefecture 5156
Maker / Yamaha YFR27
Specification / Length:27feet, engine:250HP

Max crewing members:9(cruising capacity:8)
Facility /  Toilet, life jacket


A. Kosagi-jima route
B. Tatara bridge~Imabari Shipbuilding route
C. Ikuchi-jima route

​A. Kosagi-jima route

Go around Kosagi-jima.

Recommended for those who want to enjoy a little cruising.






10,000円/1 course (tax incl)

B.Tatara bridge ~Imabari Shipbuilding rout

This course takes you to the representative spots along the Shimanami Kaido.

The Tatara Bridge seen from the surface of the sea is a powerful sight! The tour will take you in the following order: Setoda Port - Takane Bridge - Lemon Valley - Tatara Bridge - Hyotana-jima - Imabari Shipbuilding (Hiroshima Plant) - Sunami, Mihara City.






15,000円/1 course (tax incl)

C. Ikuchi  rout

This course takes you around Ikuchi-jima on the Shimanami Kaido.

You will pass under three bridges, Takane Bridge, Tatara Bridge, and Ikuchibashi Bridge. Recommended for those who want to enjoy cruising slowly.






20,000円/1 time (tax incl)

Guidance and Notes

<About departure>

1.Please note that routes and travel times may change depending on the weather, sea conditions, porting time, and management of ports.

2.In case of light rain, the boat will sail with rain gear. However, in the event of a forecast of warning-level torrential rain, the cruise will be cancelled.

3.Please come at least 10min before the scheduled departure time. If you are going to be late, please be sure to let us know.


<Boarding and precautions during the cruise>

1.Up to 8 passengers are allowed on board at one time.

2.Please refrain from wearing spikes shoes. The floor of the boat becomes slippery when wet with seawater, so please refrain from wearing slippery shoes such as flip-flops and leather shoes neither.

3.It is mandatory to fill out the ship's manifest in order to be covered by pleasure boat insurance*. Please fill out the form immediately after boarding. 

We have passenger liability insurance (maximum policy amount of ¥30 million per passenger).

4.Life jackets must be worn. Life jackets are free for rental. Please let us know at your reservation. 

5.Please do not stand or walk around unnecessarily while the boat is underway.

6.Please follow the captain's instructions regarding the decision to return to port in the event of a sudden change in weather conditions.

7.Littering to the sea is strictly prohibited. There are bins on board. 

8.Please refrain from smoking inside the cabin. Passengers who wish to smoke cigarettes, heated tobacco, or electronic cigarettes are kindly requested to do outside.


<To prevent accidents involving falls and tipping over>

1.Life jackets are legally required to be worn when boarding the boat. (2) The boat may sway unexpectedly while in motion.

2.The boat may sway unexpectedly while in motion, and there is a risk of falling over or falling into the sea.

3.Please use the onboard restrooms when using the toilet. If you use the toilet outside while the ship is in motion, you may fall into the sea or have a serious accident. When using the restroom, please ask the captain to use the restroom. 

4.Some passengers may have been drinking, but it is extremely dangerous to board the ship while intoxicated, as you may fall over or into the water. Please drink in moderation and enjoy the cruise. 

5.We will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur if the above information is not adhered to. Please be careful and enjoy fishing with good manners and rules.


<Rules and regulations regarding baggage management. >

1. Passengers are responsible for the safekeeping of their baggage. The captain will not be held responsible for any theft, loss, water leakage, submergence, etc. on board the vessel. 

<Payment and Cancellation Policy>

1.Payment must be made in cash before getting off.

2.In the event of unavoidable cancellation of a reservation, no cancellation fee will be charged.



1. For those who are sensitive to rides and first-time passengers, it is recommended to take anti-sickness medicine before boarding.

2. Photos and videos may be taken and used on our website/SNS. Please inform the captain if you do not wish to have your photo or video taken or published. 

3.We are not responsible for any theft or accidents that occur in the parking lot.

Port Information

Sunami Port(gather at the north of small boat pier)

Free parking lot is available.

Kosagi-jima Pie

​※Please contact us if the above ports are not available for you.

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